Bolivia is probably one of the most rugged and poorest of the south american countries. However, it is also one of the most beautiful. No trip to South America is complete without driving through Bolivia’s beautiful and varied landscapes. Whats more, it is one of the most affordable countries to visit in South America! Here are some photos to convince you to put it on your bucket list – now!

La Paz 

The city itself may not be beautiful but the views onto the mountains certainly are. Especially the snow caped mountain Potosi. Take a cable car ride to get the best views! It will only set you back about 30 pence! And whilst you are in La Paz, a visit to the witches market is worth doing too!


Salar de Uyuni

The worlds biggest salt plane is quite spectacular. You can drive for hours and the scenery doesn’t alter – it looks like you never get any closer! Quite a surreal experience. Make sure you take some fun perspective photos!


Fish Island

An island rising from the salt lake covered with cacti. It’s worth taking a 30 minute walk to the top of the island for spectacular 360 degree views.


Interesting facts – a cactus grows 1cm a year. Some cacti here are 9 metres tall meaning they are 900 years old!

Wildlife spotting on the Bolivian Altiplano

Keep your eyes peeled for Flamingoes, llamas, vicuña and chinchillas!


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Valle de las Rocas

Amazing rock formations which appear to arise from nowhere! Also good for a toilet stop as there’s not many rocks or bushes to hide behind elsewhere!! Look out for the only plant to grow on rock and not need a supply of water! It only grows at high altitude and looks like moss covering the huge rocks!


Laguna Negra

Also a great site for spotting llamas, this is a pretty lagoon reached by a bit of a scramble over some rocks.


Laguna colorado

For me this was the prettiest lagoon we saw. Framed by snow-capped mountains reflected in the clear water with a reddish tint and frequented by hundreds of bright pink flamingoes!


Laguna Verde

Famous for it’s bright aqua colour, this lagoon stands out as being really pretty. You may also see some flamingoes here too.


Termas de Polques Hot Springs

Another beautiful lagoon. This one you can admire from a natural hot spring pool. Highly recommended to soothe your achey muscles from the very bumpy off-road drive to get you there!


The Geysers

At 5000M you will find some impressive geysers spouting steam and alongside several pools smelling of sulphur bubbling away. It almost looks like something from a different planet!


Desert Salvador Dali

Named after the artist, this stunning desert will make you feel tiny!



I hope these photos have inspired you! Have you been to Bolivia? I’d love to hear about your experiences! Read this article if you want to hear more about places to visit in Bolivia.

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