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How to Plan a Trip – Your Travel Checklist

So you've plucked up the courage to book a trip-of-a-lifetime and you're armed with guidebooks and probably spending every spare minute researching your destination of choice! But don't forget the boring preparation stuff and please make sure you allow enough time for organising your trip! It would be terrible if you booked the whole thing only to realise you were too late to get your visa! Here I have prepared a comprehensive list of things to think about for your trip preparation. And if you want a quick go-to guide or something you can pin to your fridge, please download my FREE Travel to-do list here!... Read More...
peopel watching Balcony bar Byron bay East Coast Australia

Why Byron Bay is my absolute favourite place in the world!

I discovered Byron Bay a little by accident. I was applying for jobs in Australia knowing very little about the country except that there was better weather than the UK but more snakes!  I only specified to the recruitment company that I wanted to live in easy commuting distance of a beach and not too far north due to the unbearable heat! So I was so so lucky to land a job after my first (slightly disastrous) telephone interview at Lismore Base Hospital! I took it knowing very little about the area, just excited to know I'd be living in the land down under! It was only when I started my research and stumbled across Byron Bay, a small quirky town with an abundance of personality AND beaches within easy commute of Lismore! ... Read More...