Interview with a Local: Genova, Italy

With a day off, I love to go to any of the little towns on the Ligurian coast and enjoy the sea. It could be summer or winter, but those little cities are always breathtaking. Camogli is my favourite town: Portofino is nothing compared to Camogli! It is an ancient fishing town. All the buildings are colourful, so the men could be easily recognize their home once they came back home after the fishing days. From Camogli you can go with a boat to San Fruttuoso Abbey: a quiet Church attainable only by foot or by boat. I love to walk around Camogli eating an ice - cream - the best one is a cone with fiordilatte covered by chocolate: get it at the Auriga Bar -  or just to seat down, close to the sea, with a beer.... Read More...