Travel humour

10 Funny Travel Stories and Travel Fails

We are constantly hearing and seeing on social media about how amazing other people’s trips have been, which in part is what inspires us to travel ourselves. But how often do you hear about the other side of travelling? The travel fails. Those scary moments, embarssisng moments and absolute hilariuous moments. Travelling is not always perfect. It’s not moving from one picture perfect postcard moment to the next. There are long arduous journeys along the way, toilets which make you feel a little sick to use, moments when you’ll feel homesick and all you can think about it is your warm comfy bed back home. That’s not to say travel isn’t worth it and most of these moments can be looked back upon in the future with a great deal of amusement. They make the best bar stories and they are the anecdotes which will stay with you the longest. Travelling wouldn’t be travelling without them - it would be holidaying which is definately not as great an adventure!... Read More...