It’s that time of year again when we start racking our brains what to buy our loved ones to put a smile on their face on Christmas day! I love buying presents, probably as much as receiving them! That said, there is nothing more stressful than having NO IDEA what to get someone! Therefore I have combined 2 of my favourite things – travel and shopping – and I’ve compiled for you an awesome list of present ideas for those ladies in your life who love to travel!

Fashion and Beauty and all things pretty

Pretty, functional and safety conscious – these scarves are useful for hiding your credit cards and money discreetly and are a lot nicer to wear than a money belt worn under your shortswhich can make you look 3 months pregnant..!

A travel jewellery organiser will save her countless hours unravelling her favourite necklaces!

To help her avoid missing her plane/bus, a watch always comes in handy and this was in super pretty..!

For shorter trips, an overnight carry bag is super handy but this one is also gorgeous and feminine!

This passport cover is super cute don’t you think?

Gadgets & Technology 

I’d be lost without my kindle! It weighs barely anything and is neat and slim easily fitting in my small handbag. The battery life is brilliant and it will help pass the time on many a long journey!

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A decent pair of headphones are a must for travelling and as a bonus, these are actually pretty too! A good set of headphones should always help cancel background noise and block out all of those dorm snorers…!

For the really special ladies in your life, a macbook is a pricey but incredibly useful gift! It’s super light, small but powerful. Useful for editing photos, writing travel blogs/journals, internet research, watching films and much more! And now it comes in pretty rose gold for all those girlie girls out there!

A decent camera is a must for travelling. I personally am a fan of Nikon DSLRs and can recommend my trusty Nikon D5500. It’s easy to use, has lots of handy features like a flip screen, and as DSLR’s go, isn’t a bad price!

A point-and-shoot for times when your DSLR is too bulky is a great option and if it’s waterproof even better!

For those who love to be active on their travels, you can’t beat a go-pro for recording all the action!

Battery packs are being used by almost every traveller now to keep their gadgets charged whilst they are on the go – especially if they will be camping or in dorms where they may have to share plug sockets!

Travel Luxuries

Spoil her with these Burt’s bees goodies that come in handy travel size!

I absolutely love this washbag – the pattern is gorgeous!

All that sun cream can play havoc with the skin. This luxury skin care comes in handy travel size and is a real treat!


Travel Inspiration

Books are a great way to inspire travel. Here are a few which wouldn’t go amiss udner many backpackers christmas trees!

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Practical Gifts

For the girl who likes to camp, this will keep her super comfy at night!

A quality day bag with plenty pockets and space for everything a girl needs won’t go amiss!

This will keep her toasty throughout 4 seasons of weather whilst camping!

Stocking fillers

This one is cunning – a fake sun cream bottle for hiding your valuables in on the beach whilst you take a snooze…! Genius.

A practical and pretty stocking filler that will come in super handy!

These colourful funky travel tags will help her quickly identify her luggage!

This game will help pass the time on long journeys! It’s like Snap but a whole lot better and faster!

A little reminder of travel when she is back home

And if you STILL don’t know what to get her, let her choose herself with an amazon gift card!

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