I’m about to live out a life long dream to visit the Galapagos and to trek to Machu Picchu and I’m incredibly excited about it! I leave tomorrow after months of research and planning! This trip was in fact the inspiration for me starting this blog and will no doubt be great for blog research purposes! So I thought I’d give you a little heads up what to expect from this blog over the next 9 weeks as I log my adventures in South America! So below are the places I plan to visit and the things I hope to do and see!

  1. A 7 night cruise on  a small boat visiting several of the Galapagos Islands searching for stunning scenery and photographing wildlife of which there is plenty! I’m also hoping to get to swim and play with wild sea lions!
  2. A few days on Lake Titicana staying with the locals and learning about their way of life!
  3. The Lares Trek to the awesome Machu Picchu. This is an alternative to the Inca Trail, quieter, less touristy, higher altitude but the last stretch is by train as it doesn’t go right to Machu Picchu.machu-picchu-1569324_1280
  4. Salt Planes in Bolivia – I’m so exciting to photograph these beautiful landscapes!volcano-594603_1920
  5. Star gazing in the impressive Atacama desert near San Pedro and the Moon Valley!valley-of-the-moon-965650_1920
  6. Cafayate Wine region In Argentina. One of my favourite activities – wine tasting! cafayate-2633150_1920
  7. A few days will be spent on a ranch in Argentina riding horses and having BBQ’s and generally learning about life on a ranch!horses-52701_1920
  8. Buenos Aires – exploring the colourful city and indulging in a little tango!
  9. Foz do Iguaco – stunning waterfalls bordering Argnetina and Brazil!cataracts-600693_1920
  10. River snorkelling and visiting caves in Bonitoademir-alves-115399
  11. Wildlife searching in Southern Panatal on a river and horseback safari!
  12. Relaxing and getting some beach time at Paraty in Brazil
  13. Finishing up in spectacular Rio de Janeiroagustin-diaz-185846
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Then it’s home in time for christmas with plenty to tell you all about! Anyhow I’d better go finish packing! If you have any South America tips I would LOVE to hear them!