When I think a product is AMAZING and will benefit you on your travels in some way, I would love to tell you about it! Below are a list of products and resources I recommend. I ONLY recommend things that I completely believe in 100%



If you’re looking for a reasonable priced DSLR with great internal functions, is relatively light and easy to use with a touch screen and a flip screen, look no further! This is my trusty camera which I have taken most of the images I use on the website with (except for the occasional stock photo.)

A slightly cheaper version with less features but good for starting out with…

A great ultra wide angle lens that I use for landscape photography. It’s also great for low light photography and to give great Bokeh (see my photography tutorials!)

A “budget” zoom lens (there’s really no such thing but this is reasonably priced.) I took this on safari with me and will be taking it to The Galapagos soon!

My day-to-day or travel lens

A cheap, light alternative to a tripod

My ABSOLUTE favourite travel photography book which I recommend to anyone!

Travel health and Beauty Products 


An amazing foundation which will stay put ALL day even in humid weather! I spent 15 years trying to find the perfect foundation and I reckon I found it!

A smudge and waterproof mascara that stays put even on long eyelashes! I love this!

A kissproof lippie which stays put all day

Best eyebrow solution for natural defined brows



The most comfy sandals ever! Pricey perhaps but totally worth it! They feel like walking on clouds!