One of the things I love most about being a GP is the opportunities for travel it affords me. It’s not always been easy of course; 5 years as a skint student and then several more working hectic rota’s with every 3rd weekend being on call. But if it wasn’t for my chosen profession, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to work in a health clinic in the middle of rural Ghana. Nor would I have been able to spend 2 years living in Australia learning how to treat snake bites. And whilst not all GP’s earn the astronomical figures quoted in the daily mail, I have a comfortable income which allows me lots of travel opportunities. Add to that being a self-employed locum GP means I can be flexible when and how much I work allowing me to take frequent trips abroad.

One of the things I least like about my job is that it requires absolutely zilch in the way of creativity. Before I settled on a career in medicine, I considered mostly creative roles. At one point I fancied being the next Charlie Dimmock and at 13 designed the perfect garden for my parents house complete with water zone, flower zone and chill out zone. However I clearly had a lot to learn about working with the space you have as they weren’t too keen on the 6 ft brick dividing wall up the middle of their tiny garden – funny that!! So I moved onto other options and though I enjoy my job as a GP, I’ve always felt I needed another creative outlet alongside. I considered semi-professional photography at one point but decided against this after my 1st ever wedding shoot. My flash failed on me as the bride walked up the aisle, I missed that all important emotional groom moment and whilst the couple (fortunately family) found it amusing and happily agreed to ‘recreate the moment’ for the camera, it made me rethink my plans!

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So one day in the pub with friends (where all good ideas start,) I came up with the idea of a travel and lifestyle blog. What could be better than combining my passion for travel and love of photography with that creative outlet I’ve been seeking?! I’ve always enjoyed creative writing – apologies now to my school teachers as whenever they set the task of writing a SHORT story, they got presented with a 30 page novel! It won’t be the 1st blog I’ve kept as it’s a tradition I keep every time I travel to keep my family and friends updated. But it will be the first time I try to produce more than just a travel journal. Hopefully it will become something that is inspiring and insightful for others inflicted with the same incurable travel bug!

So what can you expect from this blog?

Travel and money-saving tips
Reviews of travel products, apps and destinations
City guides
Journal entries from my trips abroad
Memoirs from my time working in both Ghana and Australia
Photography tips and lessons
Topical travel and lifestyle issues
My general musings about travel and life in general
And much much more!

I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I will enjoy writing it! Please feel free to leave comments – I look forward to hearing from you! Happy traveling!

– What inspired you to travel?
– Do you find blogs a helpful source for travel research?
– What reasons do you keep a blog?