Hello and thank you for reading my blog!

So who am I?
I’m a 30-something GP with a passion for travel, photography, dance and generally living life to the full. I’ve kept many private travel blogs in the past but now I want to get creative and help others with the knowledge I’ve gained from my round-the-world adventures! I started this blog in August 2017 and it’s reignited my passion for writing which I had buried for a while!

Types of travel I enjoy:
Everything from road trips through europe to camping in Kenya, shoestring travel in SE Asia, volunteering in Belize, working in Australia and Ghana and occasionally living it up on a luxury weekend away.

My favourite places so far
1/ Laos – beautiful and laid back compared to neighbouring Vietnam. Don’t miss the stunning Kuang Si waterfalls and nearby serene Luang Prabang.
2/ New Zealand – peaceful and a beautiful view around literally every corner. Travel by camper van and you won’t regret it – just pull up for a cuppa or a picnic beside whichever view takes your fancy
3/ Byron Bay, Australia – so good I stayed 2 years! Think hippies, surfers, colourful markets, hip bars and some of the most beautiful beaches you will ever find!

Other countries I have visited!


England, Wales, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Croatia, The Vatican, Greece, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Hong kong, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Belize, Mexico, USA, Tanzania, Kenya, Ghana, Ecuador (Galapagos,) Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Brazil

Where’s next?
I have an exciting 9 week trip coming up which will see me travelling through The Galapgos, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina and ending in Brazil! Think wildlife photography, Andes mountain trekking, wine tasting, salt plane scenery, star gazing in the dessert and tango dancing in Buenos Aires!

3 Random facts about me:
– I once got slapped in the face by a wild eagle
– I’m terrified of spiders
– I once managed to barter for some beautiful oil paintings in exchange for the shoes off my feet!

Who might enjoy my blogs? 

Well I think there’s something for everyone but it will probably appeal most to other young professionals looking to travel in their time off especially if they have an interest in taking better photos or a stint working abroad. The ‘Interview with a Local’ feature will benefit anyone travelling to major cities in the world – I have over 50 of these articles lined up from Rio to Alaska!

What can you expect from my blogs?
My blogs will be about travel, travel health and lifestyle. Not just my experiences abroad and in the UK but my tips from how to get there cheaply to how to take the perfect travel snaps whilst you’re there!

How can I keep updated? 

You are welcome to sign up for email alerts on my homepage. There is no spam just straight forward post alerts. Or alternatively find me at www.facebook.com/theglobetrottergp www.instagram.com/theglobetrottergp or www.twitter.com/globetrottergp Please also join in the discussions at the end of the blogs – I love hearing from you! I will do my best to get back to you asap! 🙂

Happy traveling!