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Dreaming of a tropical destination, a bit of winter sun, but put off by the rising flight prices?! Have no fear, today I am going to tell you how you can find cheap flights anywhere at a fraction of what you’d expect to pay! I just found return flights to Frankfurt from London for £9 on Sky Scanner!

How to book a cheap flight anywhere - travel hacks to save fortune

Why so cheap?! Well, empty seats make the airline absolutely no money. They might as well fill them and make some money. Sometimes they are trying to compete with other budget airlines and promote their company.

But sometimes these mind-blowingly cheap deals are just errors by the flight companies. A decimal point in the wrong place, a mistake made with currency conversions. These deals don’t last long before the airline rectifies them but they are out there for the taking!

Here are a few AMAZING deals I just found right now!

Book cheap flights anywhere - tips for how to use skyscanner effectively

London – Reykjavik, Iceland return flights £46


How to book a cheap flight anywhere - skyscanner deal to cuba

London to Varadero, Cuba return flights £279


Book cheap flights anywhere with skyscanner

London to Auckland, New Zealand return flights £414!

Knowing this can help you to find cheap flights anywhere at bonkers prices!

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But first here are my TOP TIPS to help you book the cheapest flights anywhere you choose.

1/ Be Flexible

It’s much harder to find those awesome flight deals if you are restricted to specific dates. You are more likely to find a cheap flight if you keep your flight dates as flexible as possible. Always look for dates 2 or 3 days either side your preferred dates of travel. Often you can save a LOT of money by flying a day earlier or later than planned.

2/ Be open – minded 

If you’re not too fussy about where or when you travel, you can get some amazing travel deals. I absolutely love the feature on skyscanner which allows you to search for the cheapest deals in the world at the cheapest time. This is how I find some of my best flight deals! Sometimes it inspires me to travel to places I hadn’t even considered! Just select ‘anywhere’ in the location box and ‘cheapest month’ in the dates box!

How to book a cheap flight anywhere on skyscanner search tool

3/ Don’t fly direct

Often making slight diversions can make the most of a budget leg of the journey and bring the overall flight price down considerably. Good if you are not limited by time. Not so good if you hate flying and just want to get there as quickly as possible! But this might be a sacrifice worth making to ensure you find the cheapest flights possible.

4/ Use more than one search engine 

Not all search engines will flag up the budget airlines. Not all will offer the same deals. This is because most budget airlines won’t want to pay a booking commision to the flight search website – you may need to go directly to their websites to find the best flight deals.

5/ Fly out of season, midweek and during the night 

It’s obvious really. If you want to fly at times that lots of people want to fly, prices will be higher. So I hate to point out the obvious but if you want to book the cheapest flights possible, you might need to set your alarm clock a little earlier!

6/ Make use of student discounts

If you are a student or are under 26, you can often get great flight deals, especially with STA travel. It may be worth investing in an NUS extra card – the money these costs will be far outweighed by your flight savings.

7/ Visit Budget carriers website directly

A few great examples of budget carriers are Norweigan airlines, Wow and AirAsia. You may not get all the flashy extras – the soft blankets, the complimentary headphones, the impressive film collection, but you will get much cheaper flights. And hey you can even spend that money on a trip to the cinema to watch those films, have popcorn AND money left over! At the end of the day, don’t forget a flight is there to get you from A to B.

book cheap flights anywhere

8/ Sign up to Airline mailing lists

Be the first to hear about amazing flight deals and nab cheap flights anywhere before anyone else discovers them. It’s worth signing up to airline newsletters for airlines that fly to destinations you regularly go to!

9/ Sign up for Frequent Flier Programmes

Fly enough and you may become eligible for free flights, free upgrades and complimentary companion tickets. Chose an airline which has an alliance with several other airlines so you can earn points on flights with several airlines.

Using air miles, you can sometimes even fly for free!

10/ Consider getting a travel rewards credit card 

Travel reward credit cards tend to have higher interest rates so only get these if you fly regularly and if you are good at paying your debts off every month! But you can rack up a lot of flight points to help you fund your flights.

11/ Search as an individual 

Even if you are flying as a couple, always search individually. The reason being that it will search for seats together and select the highest price to base the flights on. Find flights individually and then chose seats together at check in! This is one of the easiest changes you can make when you search to help you find a cheap flight anywhere you desire!

12/ Buy your flight using a different currency

If you live in a country where the currency is strong, consider booking your flights in a weaker currency version of the same airline! If you use a no-foreign transaction card to pay for this you won’t incur any surcharges! I use an Easy FX currency card.

13/ Book flights 6-8 weeks before you fly 

Research has shown the optimum time to book a flight at a great price is about 2 months before you fly! Don’t wait too long hoping for a better deal – often they go up! Whilst you are waiting, get planning the other aspects of your trip! See my trip preparation guide!

Book cheap flights anywhere with these tips

14/ Sign up for price alerts 

Some online search engines such as sky scanner will update you when flight prices start to creep up or drop! This can be useful deciding when the best time is to buy but be careful holding out too long!

15/ Keep alert for airfare glitches

To get those super low airfare error prices, you will need to stay alert as they don’t last long. Never book accommodation and activities until you receive booking confirmation so that you know everything has gone through properly! Best places to keep up to date on special flight deals are (they find stupidly cheap prices so you don’t have to.) Follow them on facebook or twitter to have these fab finds show up on your newsfeed! Here are a few deals they have currently;

Another great way to keep up to date with the best flight deals is to check out Airfare watch dogs daily top 50 deals or to sign up to Jack’s flight club – check out his facebook page here.

He finds the best flights anywhere and then sends them right to your inbox!

So it’s now time to plan your trip! For more help planning your trip, see my planning guide!

Do You have any other tips you can share with us to help us all find cheap flights anywhere in the world? What is the best deal you ever got? 

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