Could this Brazilian Keratin Blow dry ( a hair relaxing treatment ) be the perfect solution to your travel hair woes?!

Brazilian keratin blow dry for a travel hair solution

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Oh to be blessed with a perfectly straight shiny sleek mane of hair. The sort of hair that only takes a little shake of the head as you emerge from the ocean and your hair instantly falls into place with not even a hint of frizz! (Ok, yeah a bit like in a bond film.)

Brazilian keratin blow dry for a travel hair solution

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We all have a friend like that right?! She’s probably the one with the blemish free long legs like the venus advert and washboard abs for good measure. She probably also turns a beautiful sunkissed golden colour the second she steps out in the sun. She’s the friend who makes you turn into a green-eyed monster the very second you hit the beach together.

Brazilian keratin blow dry for a travel hair solution

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But what if YOU too could have sleek shiny, stress-free hair?! Yes you, yes, really! Though I’m afraid there’s no similar quick solution for the legs and abs – yes you’re going to have to hit the gym hard for those!

Brazilian blow dry

Not only will you have flowing locks to make even Rapunzel envious, you will also save yourself heaps of time. Let your hair dry naturally, ditch the hair dryer and the straighteners and spend the extra time in the morning getting some well-deserved zzzzz!

Welcome to the Keratin Blow Dry – your backpacking hair solution!

Read on for my Keratin blow dry review!

Brazilian keratin blow dry for a travel hair solution

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What you can expect from this article...

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So what is a Brazilian Keratin Blow Dry exactly? 

Well other than being the solution to your travel hair nightmare, the Brazilian keratin blow dry is a hair relaxing treatment which will nourish your hair, help straighten it whilst removing frizz and adding shine! What’s not to love?!

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The best bit of all is that it’s GOOD for your hair whereas most traditional longterm straightening options cause damage to the hair follicles.

The Keratin blow dry is a semi-permanent treatment which lasts from anywhere between 2 and 6 months depending on what your hair is like naturally and how well you care for it.

Brazilian keratin blow dry for a travel hair solution

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How is a Brazilian blow dry done? 

Your hair will be washed and rough dried and then the keratin will be applied. Keratin is found naturally in your nails, skin and hair and people with thick straight hair often have higher levels of natural keratin. So this essentially is cheating your genetics. Once it has been applied throughout and left for 30minutes or so to sink in, your hair will be dried and straightened to lock the keratin in.

How much does a Brazilian Keratin Blow Dry cost?

It is hugely variable. My usual salon charges around £200 for it which just before a trip away, is a bit of an ouch! But I found a great deal on Groupon which cost just £50. Totally worth it for me if it means I don’t have the hassle of dealing with frizzy, knot prone hair on my trip! The brazilian blow dry has been the best backpacking hair solution I’ve found so far and made travellign a lot less stressful for me!

Brazilian keratin blow dry for a travel hair solution

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How do I care for a Brazilian Keratin Blow dry? 

There are a few things you need to know!

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Firstly, some keratin blow drys require that you do not wash your hair for 72 hours after you have it done! Check with your hairdresser what you need to do with yours – some you can wash straight away! I had mine done the day before I flew so I couldn’t wash my hair anyway! I then sprayed it with copious amounts of dry shampoo before I left. (Man, I love dry shampoo!)

Make sure you colour your hair before you get your keratin blow dry. Otherwise, you could undo all the good. That would be sad.

In order to keep your locks looking luscious, try to limit exposure to salt water and chlorine. Tricky on holiday huh?! Well, one way you can limit the damage is by wetting your hair with regular water beforehand. So take a shower before you take a dip in the pool! That way your hair will absorb less of the chlorine.

That said, try not to wash your hair too often. the more often you wash your hair, the quicker it will wear off. I wash mine alternate days and use dry shampoo on the days in-between. Again, I LOVE dry shampoo!

What Shampoo should I use for my Keratin Blow Dry?

You will need to use a different shampoo with no sulphates. I use Elvive Colour Protect.  It doesn’t lather like a normal shampoo but my hair is always soft and shiny when I use it. It also lasts for like, FOREVER.

Would I recommend a Brazilian Keratin Blow dry for travel? 

Oh yes! I wouldn’t take a long trip again without one! It was so easy and manageable on my most recent trip to South America. Especially when I was in the Galapagos as I was hopping in and out of the water all day! It was also so so useful when I was camping. Who needs straighteners?!

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I had so many comments about my hair long after I’d returned from my 9-week trip. For once my over-coloured frizz bomb actually looked in great condition – I couldn’t stop touching it – it was like baby hair!

Before and after pics taken on two separate trips abroad.

As for how long it lasted, well I have to admit I didn’t get the full effect for 4 months. However, I had at least 6 weeks of perfectly straight hair. After that, it got a little wavy but was still really easy to manage so as soon as I got home and had access to a hairdryer, it was an absolute breeze. It stayed in better condition than normal for at least 3 months, possibly a bit longer!

So yes, I’d definitely recommend the brazilian blow dry for travel! Stop battling the frizz and treat yourself to a Brazilian keratin blow-dry before your next trip! And if you’re looking for any more travel beauty tips, head over to my post ‘Let’s Talk Girl Stuff.’ You’ll find hair, make-up, beauty and female health tips for travelling that I’ve picked up over the past 14 years since I first picked up my backpack! Enjoy!

Brazilian keratin blow dry for a travel hair solution

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Have YOU got any tips you can share with us about how to manage your hair or beauty regime when you are travelling?! If so, I’d love to hear them!

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