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Christmas is over along with all the parties and fun times it brings. January was way too long for your liking and you’re fed up of scraping ice off your car in the mornings. Huddling by an open fire felt lovely in December but you’re over that now, right?

How many of you have found your mind wandering to exotic locations? Would planning some spring travel help you get through those dreaded Monday mornings?

Have you found yourself wondering which are the best places to visit in Spring? Where is warm enough, where are the bargains? Well, I’m here to solve that dilemma for you!

Here, I have compiled a list of 12 of the best places to travel to in the spring. So now the hard work is done for you, you can select your favourite  Spring travel idea and get booking! 

Places which are less busy during spring time

Travel in Spring usually means fewer crowds than in the height of summer. Usually, the weather is warming up and is often quite pleasant. However, you don’t have to deal with the hoards of holidaymakers, the swarms of children in the school holidays and the scores of coach trippers! You can actually take a photo without a flock of tourists obstructing your photo whilst they take endless selfies! Its a wonder any of us choose to take holidays in the Summer really isn’t it?!

Spring Trip to Paris

Beautiful architecture, French patisseries, museums and galleries galore and lazy days picnicking beneath the Eiffel Tower – there are many reasons you will fall in love with one of the most romantic cities in Europe! Normally teeming with crowds, Spring is the perfect time to plan a trip to Paris.

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Spring Trip to Paris
Credit to Pedro Lastra

Spring trip to Venice

Venice is beautiful but battling with the crowds is a proper faff. I’ve visited Venice twice, once in January and once in June. The peace and quiet in January was amazing though it was still a little too cold for my liking – April would be a perfect time! A maze of quaint canals connected by ramshackle bridges and cobbled alleys, Venice is the sort of city where you should plan to get lost.

Spring trip to Venice

Places which are cheaper at springtime

Similarly, March and April is a great time to travel on the cheap! There are still hoards of people who haven’t cottoned on to how great springtime travel can be and are STILL booking their holidays in the height of summer! But this works out to your benefit of course! So those expensive destinations where it usually costs you a months rent to eat out at a nice restaurant suddenly become affordable! 

Spring Trip to Rome 

Rome is becoming a tourist super hot spot – rightly so for too many reasons to list – has driven prices up so that it’s now often extortionate.

From mid-budget hotels in the centre charging the same as a luxury hotel in the suburbs, it’s difficult to afford to stay close to the many attractions. Add to that rising costs to eat out and attractions that come with a steep price tag and visiting Rome isn’t exactly affordable for all!

But visiting in the Spring before the crowds descend will save you money, especially on accommodation and flights.

Another top tip is to eat in places far away from the top tourist attractions where a tourist levy is applied. I nearly had a coronary when I saw the bill having eaten just a snack at a cafe close to the Vatican. If I’d walked a few blocks, I could have eaten for a fraction of the price!

Spring trip to Rome
Credit to Willian West

Spring Trip to Santorini

Another notoriously expensive getaway. The stunning views of whitewashed buildings with bright blue roofs set against an azure sea have bought the luxury holidaymakers flooding to this small Greek Island.

Whilst most holidays in Greece are usually a bargain, a trip to Santorini is most definitely not! Visit out of peak season (which starts in May) and you’ll be able to get a lot more bang for your buck!

Spring trip to santorini greece
Credit to Michal Sevcik

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Best worldwide festivals in springtime

Want something a bit bigger and better?! Why not seek out where the best worldwide festivals are in spring?! Here are a few that I found which I think look totally awesome!

Top tip: Always do your research before you travel to avoid disappointment! I remember being in Laos and with my onward travel and accommodation booked only to discover I was narrowly missing a local festival by just one day! That hurt. A lot.

Spring Trip to Holi Festival in India

The festival of love or festival of colour! This colourful festival in India celebrates good over evil, the arrival of spring and gives thanks for the harvest. It’s a chance for loved ones to forgive and forget as the whole community comes together to smear paint over each other and generally have a paint party! It sounds so so fun! Definitely one on my bucket list!

spring trip to holi festival in india

Songkran Festival in Thailand

Where paint is thrown for the Holi festival, in Thailand its one big water fight to celebrate the beginning of the Traditional Thai New Year. Prepare to get soaked with buckets of water and water pistols in this super fun festival held in April.

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Spring trip to Songkran festival in thailand

St Patricks Day in Ireland 

Celebrating the Patron Saint of Ireland, this festival which involves a lot of frivolities and maybe more than 1 or 2 pints of Guinness, historically dates back to the lifting of lent. Therefore, the large amounts of alcohol consumed can be labelled as ‘tradition!’

Expect to see people dressed fully in green, wearing silly hats, partaking in lively parties and general merriment. Interestingly, this festival is the most celebrated in most countries compared to all national festivals!

Spring trip to st patricks day in ireland

Places with a nice climate in springtime

Ever been on holiday, craving some summer sun, only to be totally beaten by the sweltering humidity and found yourself reluctant to leave the safe haven of your air-conditioned hotel room? There are some destinations actually best avoided in ‘peak season’ for that very reason!

I much prefer visiting a place in the spring or autumn where the temperatures are bearable and I can walk for miles exploring in comfort and not be obsessing over where the next air-conditioned cafe is!

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Spring Trip to Morroco 

Located near a dessert, I’m sure you can imagine that in the height of summer, Morocco would be scorching! Therefore the best time to visit would surely be spring and autumn.

Fill your days’ camel trekking across the Sahara, mingling with Berber tribesmen, getting lost in delightfully chaotic medinas, haggling for treasure in bazaars and admiring the beautiful brightly coloured architecture that Morocco is famed for.

spring trip to morocco

Spring Trip to New York

Freezing in the summer and swelteringly hot in the summer. Unless its ice skating in Central Park you’re after, then Spring is the best time to visit the Big Apple.

Get yourself to the huge department stalls to nab a bargain, stroll through Central Park, get your Instagram shot in Times Square and finish your day by finding a rooftop bar to admire the city skyscrapers over a cosmopolitan!

For more information about New York, see this Interview with a local article: a city guide to NYC!

Places which are bests seen in springtime

Some places are just better seen in the Spring! When the landscapes are at their most favourable and the photos you take will be the most instagrammable!

The Netherlands

With its super cute wooden windmills, charming canals and historic castles, the only thing which could make the Netherlands more scenic would be the copious tulips which grow in Spring.

Keukenhof is the best place to see Tulips in abundance and the best month to see them is April.

Keukenhof is open for visitors from mid-March to mid-May. I’m so disappointed that I’ll be missing them by just a WEEK when I visit Rotterdam for Traverse blogging conference in May!

Spring trip to Keukenhof garden, the netherlands

Kyoto, Japan

Ok well, this one might be obvious. Japan is famous for its springtime cherry blossom which perfectly frames your photos of Mount Fiji or the intricate ornate Buddhist shrines and temples.

I haven’t personally been to Japan (it’s on the list) but it’s somewhere which has always intrigued me. The fascinating blend of old and new – the ancient traditions unchanged for hundreds of years with rapidly advancing technology not to mention the Japanese penchant for bizarre crazes!

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spring trip to kyoto japan in cherry blossom season

Last chance to visit in Springtime

It’s also your last chance to make the most of those picture perfect snowy destinations before the final snow melts away.

The Alps – Snowbombing Festival in Mayrhofen Austria 

What started as a snow sports festival has transformed into a music festival featuring the likes of Liam Gallagher and Rudimental. However, you can still expect plenty of snow sports as well as sledge races, snowball fights as part of the ‘snowlympics.’ You can even partake in snow yoga!

Spring trip to Snowbombing festival in Austria

So there we have it, 12 of the best places for spring travel destinations to visit in March and April! Which one do you fancy? Have you been to any of these before? Any top tips to share with us? 

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