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Where should you travel in 2020?!

Where should I travel next? Take this fun travel quiz to decide where your next backpacking destination will be. Get travel inspiration and fuel your wanderlust with these backpacking destination ideas. Find out which is the best country for backpacking based on your travel style #travelinspiration #bestplacestobackpack #bestplacestovisit

The more I travel, the longer my travel bucket list gets – it’s out of control! It only makes it harder to decide where to visit next. I often find myself asking ‘where should I travel this year?’ and I end up reaching a ‘short’ list of about 10 must-see places!

So I decided to create this quiz, a tool to help you decide where to travel in 2020.

So if you’re like me and have found yourself asking ‘where shall I go on holiday in 2020?’ I’ve got you covered. Play on to find out which travel destination will suit you best!

Where Should I Travel in 2020?!

Take this quiz to find out where you should go on holiday in 2020!

Which activity do you wish you were doing right now?!

Getting lost in a museum or gallery
Exploring under the sea
Taking a cooking class
Exploring ancient temples
Jungle trekking
Getting your adrenaline on, paragliding!

Which colour are you most drawn to?


Where are we likely to find you in your home city?

In a bar or pub with friends
Getting a relaxing massage
Enjoying a meal out
With your head in a book
Walking your pooches or borrowing someone elses's
Cycling in the great outdoors

Which is your idea of a perfect day?

Music festival with friends
Chilling in a park with a picnic
At a food festival
At a yoga health retreat
On safari
Hiking somewhere remote

Whats your favourite tipple?

Rum and coke
Whatever the locals are drinking

Which scene appeals most?

A cityscape
Exotic beaches
Lush waterfalls
Share the beach with the local wildlife
Snow capped mountains

Do you mind roughing it a little?

Hell no! I like my luxuries!
As long as theres a clean bed to lay my head
It's all part of the adventure

All 7 questions completed!

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Where Should I Travel in 2020?!

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