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Have you ever experienced the post-travel blues? That sense of loss, apathy and sadness that strikes you when you return from a big trip?

I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling the ‘ post-travel blues’ from time to time – an adjustment process from an exhilarating life of travel to a life of mortgages, work, food shopping and life admin! We miss the freedom travel affords us, a whirlwind of life-changing experiences day after day.

The piles of washing, restocking the food cupboards and sifting through the mountain of unread mail are mundane tasks by comparison but necessary.

It’s no surprise this can make us feel a little lost or disappointed! But there are ways to make this transition a happier process (I’ve actually loved my first week back) and  I will share these tips with you now to help you avoid or manage your post travel blues!

This is different from the ‘travel blues’ and if you are away on your trip feeling low, read how to ditch the travelling blues!

Top Tips to Ditch the Post Travel Blues!

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  • Remind yourself of everything you are grateful of at home. From family and friends to your comfy bed to western toilets! Travel blues? What travel blues?!!

  • Keep yourself busy – plan lot’s of catch-ups with your loved ones so there’s no time to mope! A week or two before you get back, spend some time filling your diary. Plan ahead – other people are busy too so don’t expect them to empty their calendar just because you are returning! Plan ahead and you will have a fun-filled diary to look forward to!

  • Start planning your next trip! You don’t have to have it written in stone but making some plans, even if they are really far in advance, will help keep away the travel blues! Click here for $35 off your next Airbnb booking (a Christmas gift to you from me!)

  • Be kind to yourself. No need to get back to every aspect of real-life straight away. My gym membership is set to restart 2 weeks after I get back. 2 weeks off won’t hurt and it gives me more time to do fun stuff with my friends and family I have missed!

  • Think about taking up a new hobby or interest you have been putting off – it’ll give you something to look forward to and a reason to be home – that ISN’T your job or your mortgage!

  • Don’t completely drain your savings in your last week of travel! Keeping a little back to treat yourself with will make life a little easier on your return! An extra meal out with friends or update your wardrobe after wearing the same clothes for several weeks! This goes back to being kind to yourself!


  • Eat your favourite foods! We all miss something when we travel. The amount of food conversations I have with fellow travellers – “Mmm my Mums roast dinner…” “bread that isn’t super sweet…” “Something other than chicken and rice…” Booking in that Roast dinner with your Mum will help remind you there are some benefits to being back!

  • Before you leave, get your life admin in order and tidy your house. Make sure there is fresh bedding on your bed. The last thing you want to start doing when you first get back is chores! (I really need to remember this one…!)

  • Spend time reliving your trip. Organise your photos into a photo book, read back over your journal, make yourself a Caipirinha, even host a party for friends with a travel theme with music, food and drink that reminds you of your adventures!

  • Plan some day trips – you don’t have to go far to travel! I bet there are some awesome places not far from you that you’ve never visited and have been parked on your bucket list for way too long! Plan some walks, visit some new towns, eat fish and chips on the beach and go to that new restaurant you’ve been meaning to check out!



So there we have it, 10 ways to stop feeling sad your trip is over, ditch those post-travel blues and start feeling happy and grateful to be home! The first few weeks at home can actually be a really special time when you are reminded how lucky you are to have friends and family who missed you. So make the most of it!

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