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I love Christmas. The hype, the music, the parties, the markets, the mulled wine,  the smell of log fires and cinnamon, the pop-up ice skating rinks… What’s not to love about the festive season?! Travelling South America currently means that this year I’ll be missing some of the Christmas build-up but there’s no reason why you should too!

Therefore I’ve asked some of my travel writing colleagues to tell you about their favourite festive getaways in Europe. The result was this list of the 10 best Christmas destinations in Europe perfect for a winter holiday.  So what are you waiting for?! Dust off your snow boots or book that last-minute Christmas market trip and get in the festive mood!


 Best Christmas destination in Europe suggested by Megan Starr: Oslo

Oslo in winter

Oslo, Norway is an ideal winter destination for Christmas lovers, adventurers, and outdoor enthusiasts.  I lived in the city for four years and whilst the days are short during the winter months, Norwegians really know how to get down with the lack of daylight.

During December, the days are the shortest, but the anticipation of Christmas takes over the minds of the locals and the city becomes as happy as it does when the days are warm and sunny.

Oslo has small and cosy Christmas markets in the main area of the city by Karl Johans Gate where you can find local delicacies, festive music, and a seasonal ice-skating rink.

Whilst I love checking this out during that time of year, what I love most about winter in Oslo is the ability to head to the mountains via the subway (yep, that’s right!) and go sledging or cross-country skiing.  While I never actually put on a pair of cross-country skis, I did love taking my dog up the mountain to the snow-covered forest and walking him around for hours during the week when no one was up there.

You will be completely stunned by the natural beauty that is accessible in Oslo just by hopping on the subway (t-bane, as Norwegians call it.)

Best Christmas destination in Europe suggested by Cristina Puscas: Vienna



Every year, Vienna turns into a magical place right before Christmas. There will be as many as six main Christmas Markets open in 2017 (and five smaller ones). The two most popular ones – Viennese Christmas Market in front of the City Hall and Christmas and New Year’s Market at Schonbrunn Palace- open as early as Nov 18. Vienna has a long history of being home to Christmas Markets. The first day markets opened in 1298 and was called “December Market”.

The Viennese Christmas Market is the one that most visitors know about and plan to explore. So it is packed. All the time. I planned my trip for early December 2013 and, during the evening, it was always busy. If you want to just take photos of the stalls and decoration, you can visit during day.

Christmas Markets in Europe are famous for the mulled wine, roasted chestnuts, and a variety of Christmas decorations. In Vienna, make sure to also taste the punch. Or mulled cider. And you can pay (2 euros, back in 2013) to keep those wonderful mugs (each market has its own design). As for the food, carnivores will be delighted with the many options, whereas vegans will have a bit of a hard time.

Over the weekends, there are also free concerts taking place, so make sure to check the schedule.  For these events, Vienna is an amazing short break (weekend) choice for visiting the Christmas Markets.

If you travel with kids, they won’t get bored either, as there are special activities available for them.

Winter in Vienna can be brutal so pack accordingly. On a windy evening, I had to go with leggings under my trousers and multiple layers of blouses! And don’t forget your mittens!

Top Tip | Did you know that Europe not only has great Christmas markets but it also has European Easter markets too?!

Best Christmas destination in Europe suggested by Amanda William: Cologne, Germany.

Every December, the city of Cologne (Köln), Germany, gets overtaken by Christmas markets. The city doesn’t have one market; it doesn’t have two markets; each Advent season, Cologne plays hosts to seven different Christmas markets! Cologne’s markets each have a unique theme, meaning you may want to visit every one.
The largest and most famous of Cologne’s markets can be found right next to the UNESCO-recognized Cologne Cathedral. Here you’ll find a massive Christmas tree and more than 160 festive wooden pavilions selling everything from Christmas ornaments to traditional market food. Another popular market is the Heinzelmännchen Market (gnomes’ market), which is famous for its large skating rink. You can walk among twinkling stars at the Angel Market on Neumarkt (the oldest Christmas market in Cologne), or visit an enchanted fairy tale market aimed at kids on Rudolfplatz.
There’s also a medieval market at the harbour, an LGBT Christmas market between Rudolfplatz and Schaafenstraße, and a handicrafts market in the Stadtgarten.
Whichever market(s) you visit in Cologne, you’ll want to be sure to try some lebkuchen (kind of like gingerbread) and some hot mulled wine, or glühwein. Each market in Cologne has its own unique Christmas market mug. You pay a deposit for the mug (usually 2 or 3 Euro) when you order a hot drink, and can either return the mug to get your deposit back or just keep it as a souvenir. Christmas market mugs are my favourite holiday souvenir from Cologne!

Best Christmas destination in Europe suggested by Allison Green: Stockholm, Sweden


If you’re looking for a Christmas destination in Europe for the holiday season, you really can’t do any better than wintery Stockholm! During the winter, Stockholm becomes incredibly festive with lights and candles everywhere in the Old Town, plus a lovely Christmas market where ornaments, baked treats, and delicious mulled red wine are sold.
You can take walking tours by lantern light, passing by all the cute narrow colourful houses or stroll all on your own pace.
Stockholm is cold, but not too extreme — temperatures are typically around 0 C/32 F and snow is common, making the Christmas decorations all the more festive. The days are short (think sunsets around 4 PM or earlier!) but with cosy cafés, interesting museums, and beautiful architecture you won’t mind!


Best Christmas destination in Europe suggested by Hannah Lukaszewicz: Nuremberg, Germany 

Europe is full of amazing places for a Christmas getaway. One of our favourite Europe festive getaways was Nuremberg Germany, where we visited on our Christmas market cruise down the Danube River. We visited several amazing Christmas markets but Nuremberg was our favourite.
The square was full of stalls, great mulled wine, tons of gifts, tasty food, and that great Christmas cheer was in the air. Make sure to go up to the top of the church and look down below at the market.
The Nürnberger Christkindlesmarkt has been a tradition for more than 400 years. The market does get busy on the weekends so we suggest visiting on a weekday if possible. Nuremberg is a great city to just walk around and get lost.

Best Christmas destination in Europe suggested by Christina Saull; Budapest


Festive Budapest is home to ten Advent Markets, with six of them easily accessible in the city center. The Advent Feast at St. Stephen’s Basilica is located a block off the main avenue and is complete with a towering holiday tree and ice skating rink. Tucked in the shadow of the towering Basilica, it’s definitely one of the most festive and local of the holiday markets. The Christmas Fair at Liszt Ferenc Square was perhaps the quaintest of all the markets we visited, with giant pillar candles providing heat to freezing cold hands whilst shopping for handmade holiday items.

The Winter Festival at Vörösmarty Square & nearby Fashion Street Advent are by far the most popular markets, with festive Christmas light displays in the shape of handbags & shoes, endless mugs of mulled wine and wall-to-wall people. Across the river, the Várkert Bazaar Advent Fair offers an amazing view of Pest and a tiny ice skating rink the size of a kiddie swimming pool (and swarming with local kids!).

Perhaps my favourite is the Városháza Square Advent Fair, which was more food than gifts (which is not a bad thing). Grab a steaming hot chimney cake and a sausage as long as your arm, washed down with more mulled wine, and enjoy the local music playing on stage. In the mood to shop after eating? The St. Stephen’s Advent Feast is just a short walk away.

Best Christmas destination in Europe suggested by Don: Berlin

We had the opportunity to visit Berlin during the start of winter. And that was the second time we visited Germany. We liked Germany a lot and were always fascinated by their economy, system and administration. Of course, their history as well.
But Germany is renowned for their Christmas markets too. Berlin alone has more than 50 Christmas market. And the popular ones are
  • Weihnachtszauber at Gendarmenmarkt
  • Berliner Weihnachtszeit Roten Rathaus
  • Winterwelt at Potsdamer Platz
There are more variety of stalls in the Christmas market than what we see in France. You have different kinds of food and beverage like sausages, mulled wine, gingerbread. What we particularly like are the freshly roasted nuts. The aroma of the roasted nuts can be detected from quite a distance. Making it irresistible!
The Christmas Market in Potsdamer Platz features one of Europe largest mobile toboggan runs. 70metres of sliding that this huge snow slide. It is fun! You should definitely try this.
If you prefer sightseeing, you can visit the museums and attractions all around Berlin. You need at least 3 days to cover these attractions.
During Winter, the daylight hours are short. So you have plan your itinerary with outdoor attractions in the morning, museums and indoor attractions in the late afternoon then Christmas markets in the evening.

Best Christmas destination in Europe suggested by Anuradha Srinath: Edinburgh


Edinburgh equates to festival. It is THE festival city. And when there’s Christmas, they are no less to any other country in the world. Be it the Christmas lights, markets, rides, ice skating, Santa’s grotto or bringing in the festive mood, Edinburgh does it in style.  It’s one of the iconic cities one should visit during Christmas. Every year there’s something new to look forward to. And this year the theme is ice Adventure – a journey into Frozen Scotland. Which means plenty of snow and ice sculptures, viking look-alikes, highland cows, Greyfriars bobby and more.

There will also be plenty of shows that run in its famous theatres around this time. Add to it the famous torchlight procession and Hogmanay for New year, you can expect nothing less, it won’t disappoint.

Best Christmas destination in Europe suggested by Jennifer Dombrowski: Paris


Audrey Hepburn famously said: “Paris is always a good idea.” And even more so at Christmas time, when the City of Light truly lives up to its nickname. The Champs Elysees becomes a sea of glittering Christmas lights. The Eiffel Tower seems to sparkle just a bit more as the wooden huts spread out in the Iron Lady’s shadow, scents of roasting chestnuts and mulled wine wafting from them. Galeries Lafayette’s Christmas windows rival those of the famously decorated department stores of New York City. And for a short time each year, you can twirl your way around an ice rink at the Eiffel Tower.

Paris undergoes a magical transformation during the holidays with the city’s various Christmas markets, ice rinks, decorations and merriment in the air. And best of all, the most delicious French desserts pop up during the season when the French consume more butter than any other. Elaborately decorated Bûche de Noël and the beloved La Galette des Rois begin to fill the windows of pâtisserie, just beckoning you to come in out of the cold and indulge in something sweet.

A little something for everyone, Paris at Christmas time is one of the most magical times to visit the French capital.

Best Christmas destination in Europe suggested by Hadas Aharon: London 


London is one of the best places to visit in Europe during Christmas time, as the entire city is being decorated with mesmerizing Christmas lights and there are many German Christmas Markets to visit as well as great activities.

When it comes to Christmas fairs, Winter Wonderland is the best place to visit as it is guaranteed to get you into the Christmas spirit. Winter Wonderland hosts Christmas markets and activities such as an ice skating rink, Christmas shows for kids, the giant observation wheel and even a Bavarian tent.

If you’re looking for ice skating rinks you have got the one in Somerset House which is beautifully decorated with a huge Christmas tree, and also the Natural History Museum’s ice rink which is without a doubt is one of the most beautiful scenes.

Another place that is recommended to visit during Christmas is the store Fortum & Mason, since it is beautifully decorated with Christmas trees and decorations and it is there where you can find unique Christmas-themed gifts. In addition, Oxford Street on Christmas is definitely a must-see attraction with its beautiful lights and holiday vibe.

Indeed, London knows how to do Christmas when it comes to Christmas shopping, activities, and decorations and therefore it is very recommendable to visit during the holidays.

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So there we have it, 10 top of the best Christmas destinations in Europe for that festive getaway to make the most of all the best Christmas has to offer – mulled wine, ice skating rinks, Christmas markets and snow! Where is your favourite place for a Christmas getaway? I’d love to hear about it so please feel free to comment below!

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