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It’s that time of year again when we go on our search for the best travel gift ideas for her – that special lady in your life (be it your girlfriend, wife, sister or friend.) You want to find a gift she’ll love and treasure. If you found this article, then it’s pretty safe to say she loves to travel. So you can be fairly sure she’ll love any of these travel gift ideas for women…

travel gifts for her 2018

But finding the perfect travel gift idea for her can be tricky. After all, if she’s an adventure seeker, she may not be particularly materialistic. How can you find a travel-inspired gift she’ll love at the right budget?

That’s where I can help!

In this Gift Guide – The Best Travel Gifts Ideas For Her in 2020 – we will cover everything from low-cost stocking fillers to high-end travel products that she will love.

And if you are that girl who loves travel and you stumbled upon this article yourself, then why not spoil yourself with a travel gift from you to, errr, you..? I won’t tell if you don’t…

Now I need to tell you that this article does contain affiliate links. This means if you make a purchase based on my recommendations, I will get a small commission at no extra cost to yourself. I’m immensely grateful and these contributions help go towards the running of this blog which sadly, does not run on fairy dust! You in return get that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you do something kind!

The Best Travel Gifts For Her Under $20

Travel themed Luggage Tags

Travel gifts for her - luggage tags set

You can get some really lovely luggage tags to make your luggage stand out from the crowd on the luggage carousel now. Again, the ‘his and hers’ luggage tags are really cute as a travel gift for couples. I LOVE this giraffe gift set. (Family; hint HINT ?)

Check out pretty luggage tags HERE and my personal faves HERE

A Travel Journal

Help her keep a record of her travels which she can look back on and recall all of her adventures with a travel journal. They make some beautiful ones on Etsy some of which can be personalised for a meaningful travel gift idea for her.

travel gifts for her - travel journal

Check out these beautiful travel journals HERE. I am in love with this one in particular.

Travel Inspired Jewellery

Diamonds are a girls best friends and whilst we’re not really talking about diamond jewellery, a pretty necklace or bracelet with a travel theme will probably go down (almost) as well! Wearing some pretty travel-themed jewellery is a great way of expressing your personality and love of travel! I’ve actually written a whole article about it: Travel Inspired Jewellery.

plane charm necklace in gold
Check out some of the best travel-inspired jewellery I found HERE

A Pretty Passport Cover

Etsy offers a wide range of pretty passport covers. There’s even the option to personalise some of them with your choice of design, name or travel quote making this a really personal gift you can impress her with! I also love the idea of matching his and her passports which would make a great wedding gift for travel lovers.

Travel gifts for her - passport cover

Check out travel-inspired passport covers HERE.

A Travel Themed Colouring Book

Did you know colouring books are back in fashion? They can be a great way to relax and switch your brain off as well as to express your creative side. You can get a huge variety of adult colouring books these days including plenty of travel-themed ones with pictures of iconic places all over the world to decorate your way!

Travel gifts for her - travel themed colouring book

Check Out travel themed colouring books HERE or check out my favourite Lonely Planet colouring book HERE

A Travel Scratch Map

A travel scratch map is a great way to tick off your travel achievements and bucket lists goals as you go. You can get some really pretty ones which when framed, make gorgeous travel-themed pictures that tell their own story!

Travel gifts for her - scratch map

Check out some great travel scratch maps HERE and HERE

Travel Prints

Framing some cute travel prints and putting them up at home is a great way to add your personality to your home decor. She’s bound to love these travel prints to remind her of how much she loves exploring the world!

Check out some of these travel prints HERE and HERE.

A Travel Mug

A great stocking stuffer travel gift idea for her! Remind her how much she loves to travel every time she boils the kettle. For a more fancy gift, why not also get her this speciality world coffee pack?

Check out some travel themed mugs HERE.

Pretty Coasters with Maps on

What about some pretty map inspired travel coasters? I have some of these and love having little travel details in and around my home.

Check out these map inspired coasters HERE.


A Travel Shampoo Bar

For your environmentally conscious travel girl, consider getting her one of these shampoo bars for the next time she goes away. They take up less room than a bottle of shampoo and eliminate unnecessary plastic use. This makes a great travel gift idea for women who like to stay green.

travel gift for her shampoo bar

Check out shampoo bars HERE.

Packing Cubes

This one is a practical travel gift and one that will save her so much time and space when she’s packing next time. These were a godsend when I was backpacking for 3 months keeping my bag nicely organised. I never travel without them now! Read more about my backpacking essentials. here.

Check out these packing cube options HERE.

Travel Jewellery Case

You know all that beautiful travel-inspired jewellery we discussed earlier? Well, she might need a travel jewellery case to store it in. It needs to be lightweight and ensure that necklaces don’t get tangled on the move.

Travel gifts for her - jewellery case

Check out this travel jewellery case options HERE.

The Best Travel Gift Ideas For Her Under $50

A Globe

Nothing in the house scream ‘I love to travel’ than a beautiful globe. She can display it on a mantelpiece or her desk and use it to dream of far-off lands! I received a lovely cork globe for a Christmas present last year which I loved. I can put pins in it to remind me of my travel plans or where I’ve been.

Etsy does some gorgeous globes, some of which can be customised and make for great travel gift ideas for her. I love this one with the constellations on it.

Check out more globes HERE  and HERE

Homesick Candles

These beautifully packaged candles have been created to remind you of a specific state in the US. But if the girl you are buying a present for has recently visited one of these states, she may enjoy this reminder at home!

Alternatively, these candles are a great travel gift idea for those who live abroad to remind them of home! For example, the Arizona candle has a cactus blossom scent and the Hawaii candle has scents of hibiscus, coconut and pineapple. Both sound amazing! 

travel gifts for her homesick candles

Check out the range of Homesick candles HERE.

A Book To Inspire Her Travels

I love travel books and can spend hours leafing through the pages getting inspiration for where to visit next. I also love stories set in exotic far-flung destinations which usually have me wanting to book a ticket as soon as I finish the novel. I have an article about 12 fab travel novels you may enjoy.

My favourite store to buy travel books as gifts (and any other books for that matter) is Oliver Bonus. In fact, it’s possibly my favourite shop in the world for its gorgeous gifts and decor.

Lonely Planet also has some brilliant books to inspire travel and guidebooks for specific countries. My favourite lonely planet book is their travel photography guide. It’s invaluable!

Another of my favourite travel books is ‘36 Hours in Europe‘ a city break guidebook including lots of quirky off-beat options.

Check out Oliver Bonus’s fab collection of travel-inspired books HERE or Lonely Planets collection HERE

A Framed Map

I have a bit of an obsession for beautiful framed maps and travel-inspired artwork on my wall but my favourite is this one.

I got this one as a Christmas pressie and it was actually pretty funny as I was joking with the staff in the shop that my family hadn’t picked up on my MANY Oliver bonus hints and in reality, my soon-to-be sister-in-law was right behind me desperately trying to hide with this very map! The staff apparently were aware and trying to keep a straight face!

travel gifts for her framed watercolour map

Check out this world map HERE and other framed travel-inspired artwork HERE.

A Colourful Sand Resistant Towel

Yes, you can buy a quick dry towel from your local outdoors store but these are SO much prettier. These towels come in bright colours and patterns, are sand resistant, lightweight and dry super fast so they are both pretty and convenient for travel!

I love these ones from Dock & Bay and Sand Cloud.

Lens Kit for Smart Phones

You don’t have to spend a fortune to improve your photography and a great affordable travel gift for her would be a lens kit which she can use on her phone. This will allow her to take wide-angle landscape shots, great portraits or up-close macro shots without splashing out on a fancy camera!

Check out this travel lens kit for smartphones HERE.

A Passport Scarf

Scarves are brilliant for travel. They work as an outfit accessory, to keep you warm and now as a hidden pocket! Your scarf is the last place thieves would look to find your passport or credit card. These handy scarves have hidden pockets for exactly that reason. There are so many beautiful designs on Etsy nowadays.

travel gifts for her passport scarf

Check out these gorgeous travel scarves with secrets pockets HERE.

Travel Inspired Clothes

A little like jewellery, most of us who are obsessed with travel love to shout about our obsession with the clothes we wear. So if there’s a t-shirt with a travel quote, I am ALL over it!

Check out these travel-inspired clothes HERE.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Headphones are an absolute travel essential but fancy headphones which cancel out other noises such as the snoring dorm mate or the screaming child on the plane, are a luxury that every traveller will appreciate!

Check out these noise-cancelling headphones HERE

The Best Travel Gifts For Her Over $50

If you’re feeling fancy or planning to splash the cash or maybe you missed her birthday and need to make amends, here are a few more expensive travel gifts for her to really impress!

A Fancy Luggage Set

The perfect luggage will be spacious, light and robust with 360-degree wheels. Samsonite is widely recognised as one of the premier ranges of luggage so why not treat her to a luggage set that will last her for years to come?

Check out this 3 piece luggage set HERE

A Go Pro Action Camera

I wouldn’t be without my GoPro now. It’s so handy. Not only is it tiny so it easily slips inside a small bag but it’s also great for all adventure and water activities. It can be attached to helmets, body straps or a selfie stick so it can be used during pretty much any activity. I love using mine when I am skiing or snorkelling!

I have the GoPro hero 6 which is brilliant. There are newer editions available now which means you can get a bargain on this one which I think is more than good enough to get beautiful underwater photos and action videos!

Check out different GoPro camera options HERE

Get Your Guide Tickets

Best travel gifts for her over $50 getyourguide tourist tickets

Get Your Guide is a website which allows you to book day trips and tours all over the world and is my go-to website for researching trips I want to take. This would be the perfect travel gift for her if she’s planning a big trip soon. Is she going to Paris? Book her Eiffel Tower tickets! Is she going to Sydney? Pay for her to climb the harbour bridge! The possibilities are endless!

Book her a trip with GetYourGuide HERE. 

A Fancy Camera

Every traveller needs a decent camera to document their trip with beautiful photos. This can be as cheap or as expensive as you like and will depend on her level of interest in photography. The Panasonic TZ90 is a great option for a point and shoot camera which produces lovely photos without the hassle or weight of a DSLR.

For your super keen photographer friend, you will want to look at either a DSLR or a mirrorless camera. I was very pleased with my Nikon D5500 DSLR  (the latest model is the D5600 which I imagine is EVEN better) before I upgraded to my full-frame mirrorless camera the Sony A7iii which I LOVE.

Another great option which makes beautiful photos but weighs a lot less than a full-frame camera or a DSLR is a mirrorless camera like the Sony A6500.

If you have a smaller budget, then these cameras below $100 are the highest rated (4/5 stars and above) with HD video and a resolution of at least 16MP currently available on Amazon. If you have a slightly more flexible budget then there are a few more choices. Here are the best deals I could find under $200.

best travel gifts for her a camera

For more advice about buying her a camera or a camera accessory, check out the following articles;

Best Travel Cameras 

Best Travel Lenses 

Best Camera Accessories for Travel 

A Drone

seljalandsfoss waterfall drone photo

I got my first drone this year and I absolutely love it. It allows me to look at photography in a whole different way and I get photos that no one else has taken from the sky. It also records great video allowing me to create great memories from my travels!

Drones can vary from really cheap to REALLY expensive. A budget yet quality and lightweight drone is the DJI Spark which is the one I have and love! Definitely get the FLY MORE combo though as you’ll end up going back to buy all the extras but at twice the price as I did…

Don’t take my word for it, read the reviews HERE.

Check out the DJI Spark Drone HERE or even cheaper alternatives HERE.

So there we have a HUGE list of (mostly) afford travel gifts ideas for her that she is bound to love.

You may now enjoy reading the following articles to discover more things she may need or want for travelling.

As always, I love hearing from you so if you have any other great ideas for travel gifts ideas for her then drop them in the comments below! And if you have a moment to share this post on social media, I’ll be eternally grateful! I’ve included a few pin designs below to make this as easy as point and click!