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Do you love travel? Do you love jewellery? 

Then hopefully you will love this collection of travel inspired jewellery. 

I may be a bit of an adventurer when it comes to travel but at heart, I’m still a girly girl and I love my jewellery. Jewellery never falls out with you when you eat too much cake. Jewellery rarely goes out of fashion just after you’ve succumbed to the latest style! Jewellery can make you feel feminine even if you’re just slouching around in jeans and a t-shirt.

I have a bit of an addiction to travel inspired jewellery. Wearing a tiny plane charm around my neck or a travel quote as a bracelet is a great way to express my passion for travel and show others just what makes me tick!

My collection of travel inspired jewellery also includes a bracelet my brother and sister in law bought me one Christmas. It has the coordinates of Byron Bay, a place which holds a special place in my heart. It’s a lovely reminder of the best 2 years of my life when I lived in Byron Bay

So with winter finally on our doorstep and Christmas pending, I thought I’d give all the fellas out there, with no idea what to get their girlfriends, a helping hand. How about a travel gift? Here is a round-up of some of the nicest travel-inspired jewellery available at the moment.

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Travel Inspired Jewellery on Etsy. 

Travel inspired necklaces

World Map necklace – if you (or your significant other) are a fan of dainty jewellery then this will be right up your street. The world map is perfect for those who love everything travel related. It is 18-carat gold plated 925 silver and also comes in 925 sterling silver and is nickel free. Personally, as a blonde, I prefer the gold! It is also available in 3 sizes.

travel inspired necklace - world map

Travel More necklace – this little necklace says it all! With a little plane and the message ‘Travel more,’ this necklace holds a saying we should all live by!

Travel more necklace in gold

Plane charm necklace – this, I think, is my absolute favourite. It’s small, dainty and feminine but also oozes ‘I’m a travel addict.’ It looks great with a white shirt like this model is wearing or with any v neck t-shirt. It comes in both gold and silver and you can choose your drop length. I own this one and I love it! 

plane charm necklace in gold

Explore the World Like you’re hunting horcruxes necklace – any Harry Potter fans out there? Silly question, it seems most of the world is obsessed! The Harry Potter fans in your life will no doubt appreciate the sentiment! 

Horcruxes harry potter travel inspired necklace

St Christophers Necklace – the patron saint of travel. Traditionally these necklaces are bought for loved ones before a long journey to keep them safe on their travels! Available in 14K gold or sterling silver it reads St Christopher protect us. 

St christopher travel necklace

Globe locket necklace – prefer something a bit bolder and more colourful? I love this locket as you can also put photos of your loved ones inside so you can always see their faces when you’re feeling a little homesick! You can choose the length and there are options to personalise it with a photo or world engraving.

turqoise, gold and brass globe locket necklace

Travel inspired earings

Mountain inspired earrings – If you’re happier in the great outdoors, these earrings may be the ones for you. Stainless steel with gold or sterling silver plating, these earrings are subtle but stylish.

Mountain inspired earrings in silver

Compass Earrings – I’m loving these little stud earrings in plated rose gold. They are subtle enough to be a great everyday option and are actually the sort of thing I’d take away travelling with me too. 

Compass earrings rose gold

Travel inspired bracelets 

Personalised coordinates bracelet – These bracelets available in 3 colours  – sterling silver, gold and rose gold plated are able to be personalised to include the coordinates of a place that holds a special place in your heart. Is it a place where you lived abroad? The place your significant other proposed to you? Or the first place you backpacked solo? I’ve also seen this style of bracelet as a medical ID bracelet – a great idea for those travelling with a serious health problem in case they get ill unexpectedly. 

coordinates bracelet in gold silver and rose gold

The Mountains are calling and I must go bracelet – With this message on your wrist, you’ll always be reminded about how much travel (and the great outdoors in general) means to you. However, if you have your own message, you can change the text and there are also different fonts and designs to choose from.

Mountain inspired bracelet –  If you loved the mountain inspired earrings then you’ll love this bracelet. Hey, why not go crazy and get both as a matching set? There are two options – silver or gold plated stainless steel.

Travel inspired rings

Aeroplane ring – Simple and stylish, this is a super easy ring to wear. It also has an open-backed design so it can be adjusted to fit. This ring is in sterling silver. 

Africa ring – Visited Africa and want a little momento of your trip? This Ring shaped like Africa. It is made from eco silver (I’m not entirely sure what that is but it sounds great?!) and are made to order with your ring size. 

Silver Africa ring

And a case to put it in…

Travel jewellery case – stops your necklaces from turning into a tangled knot and prevents you from losing your smallest earrings! Plus it’s lightweight so won’t weigh you down when you travel! It’s available in 11 different colours and designs. 

Travel jewellery case

Still not found what you’re looking for? Check out more travel inspired jewellery options on Etsy!

So hopefully amongst that little list, you’ve discovered some beautiful travel inspired jewellery to treat yourself to. Or if you’ve found this article because your loved one loves to travel then hopefully you’ve discovered a gift she’ll love! 

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