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The Best Restaurants in Taormina – Where to eat and drink no matter what your taste or budget..!

best restaurants in taormina - a guide for where to eat and drink in taormina Sicily. From the best luxury bars, to restaurants with the best views, where to find the best ice cream and where to get a picnic for the beach. Make sure you find the best food in Taormina! #taormina #sicily #restaurantguide

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One of the first things that springs to mind when I think of Italy, is food. Pizza, pasta, fresh seafood, arancini… Italian food is incredibly popular and found worldwide but it can never quite be replicated the same way as they make it in Italy.

I remember once, an Italian friend, told me Italy makes great food, but Sicily makes better food. So as soon as I decided to book a last minute trip to Sicily, I had pizza, pasta and prosecco on my mind! Let me tell you, Sicily did not disappoint!

I based myself in Taormina for the first 3 days of my road trip around the island and during this time, I indulged in lots of Italian food, desserts and wine. Determined to find the best restaurants in Taormina.

So I decided to write a foodies guide to Taormina – the best restaurants and bars in Taormina to tantalize your taste buds!

So these are the restaurants, bars and cafes in Taormina that I personally enjoyed – I hope you, too, will love them! If you are here longer than 3 days and need more inspiration for where to eat, I suggest you always ask a friendly local. This is how I usually find the best restaurants. Some girls I met on my 2nd day in Taormina, were so impressed with a locals suggestion that they ate there three times! They also took me there on my last night and I can confirm, it was goooood!

Trattoria Tutti Cca  – Restaurant in  Taormina Old Town

Best for atmosphere

Hidden in a tiny alley perched on top of the cobbled steps, is Trattoria Tutti Cca – possibly the prettiest restaurant I ate in. Vine leaves grow over the old crumbling stonework, tables are dressed in red and white gingham tablecloths, the alley is lit up with ambient light and 1920’s music plays quietly in the background.

The waiters are jovial and attentive, the atmosphere romantic (shame I was alone!) The food and wine were delicious. I ate bruschetta with the perfect amount of crunch followed by Pasta Alla Norma – pasta in a tomato and aubergine sauce, cooked al dente.

I would say here the only downside is the price. It’s not the cheapest due to its scenic and convenient position in the old town (near the entrance gates.) However, if you feel like treating yourself then I recommend a visit!

Metropole – Bar and Restaurant in Taormina

Best for a little bit of luxury 

This is one for when you don’t mind occasionally splashing the cash! I almost had a heart attack when I found out a little glass of prosecco costs €15! However, that said, I enjoyed my glass of wine at Metropole immensely (being a cheapskate I opted for the €12 wine instead.)

The bar and restaurant within this 5-star luxury boutique hotel is a haven of tranquillity off the busy main street in the old town of Taormina. With comfy white sofas on a large balcony overlooking the ocean, delicious wines and attentive service, I thoroughly enjoyed relaxing here, listening to jazz and enjoying a spot of luxury in my otherwise mid-budget tour of Sicily. I’m sure the food is just as fantastic but alas, my budget did not stretch to 5-star a la carte!

Cafe Isola Bella – Cafe and takeaway in Isola Bella

Best for takeaway on the beach

On the other end of the spectrum from Metroble, this no-frills cafe and takeaway make tasty food. It’s perfectly positioned opposite Isola Bella beach – just a short cable car ride from Taormina centre. Try the arancini and follow it with the tiramisu. Why not take it to the beach at sunset?!

Granduca – Restaurant in Taormina Old Town.

Best for pizza 

Without advice from locals, it would be difficult to find this place. Whilst it’s conveniently on the main street in the old town, it is hidden downstairs and you would walk past it without knowing it was there. As such, it relies on its reputation with locals rather than harassing tourists on the street.

It has an air of luxury but at a very reasonable price tag. I’m told there is a fantastic leafy garden you can sometimes sit in but it is not open every night. The pizza was excellent quality with the freshest and tastiest of ingredients. All for around €12! The service was a little different to what I was used to. Curter than most restaurants aimed at tourists with a very business-like efficiency. But the pizza more than made up for it!

Ristorante Mirage Pizzeria – Restaurant near Taormina Botanical Gardens

Best for a view 

Conveniently located right next to the entrance for the Botanical garden, it’s the location which makes this restaurant so great. Perched on the cliff overlooking the ocean, mountains and Mt Etna in the distance, this view cannot be challenged.

view of mt etna from taormina

The restaurant itself serves no-fuss simple but very tasty pizzas. Why not combine a stroll around the Botanical Gardens?

Stecca Natura – Best ice cream in Taormina

Best for dessert

This little stall on the main street in Taormina old town serves ice lollies made with crushed fresh fruit and then dip it in your choice of milk or white chocolate or pistachios. So good, I went back twice! The only thing I’d make you aware of is that occasionally you get a stray pistachio in the chocolate mix so perhaps avoid if you have a nut allergy!

So there we have it, my guide for the best restaurants and places to eat in Taormina. Have I missed anywhere out?! Where was your favourite place to eat! If you discover a little gem, please let us all know!

best restaurants in taormina - a guide for where to eat and drink in taormina Sicily. From the best luxury bars, to restaurants with the best views, where to find the best ice cream and where to get a picnic for the beach. Make sure you find the best food in Taormina! #taormina #sicily #restaurantguide

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