Today, Flo Salvetti-Lionne tells us about her home town the romantic city of Paris, Capitol city of France! She keeps a french language blog about her worldwide travels and also blogs about her experiences of pregnancy. In her blog you can read about her adventures to a variety of places including Hawaii, Vancouvers, Dublin and Bruges! To read more about her trips abroad, see www.alouestriendenouveau.fr

Flo galerie des glaces Versailles
Galeries des glaces in le château de Versailles

Where are you living?

I am living near Paris, France, but I lived inner city during 7 years in the 20th arrondissement until last year.

Tell us about yourself

I am a 28 years old journalist and a travel blogger with À l’Ouest rien de nouveau since February 2012. I am from the Paris area and I have always lived there except for one summer in London in 2010, and 6 months in Calgary, Canada in 2014-2015. I also did two 3-months road-trips in North America, in 2012 and 2015 my favourite trips! I travel with my husband, Rémy, and we very recently had a daughter named Lou. We hope to do some nice trips with her soon!

What is your favourite thing about Paris?

I really love Paris because it’s a very dynamic city with an incredible cultural and historic richness, you cannot be bored in Paris, it’s impossible, you can find whatever you want! Now that I live in the suburbs I am enjoying the peace and the greenery of my actual city (and cheaper appartments!) while I have the big city just 15 minutes away by train – it’s a perfect combination! The only thing missing is the sea nearby!

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What is your favourite thing to do on a day off?

For a day off, the best thing to do is to picnic in les Buttes Chaumont, or in le Bois de Vincennes (you can even rent a small boat there).

What, in your opinion, is the one thing visitors can’t miss when they visit Paris?

There are plenty of not-to-be-missed things to see for a first visit to Paris (Tour Eiffel, Louvre, Montmartre, Notre-Dame de Paris, even Disneyland!) But if you want to be original you can’t miss “La campagne à Paris.” It’s a little unrecognized charming district (most of Parisians don’t know about it!) in the 20th arrondissement with a few lovely cobblestone streets (rues Irénée-Blanc et Jules-Siegfried) and cute houses, you won’t believe you are in Paris!


Any top tips what to do on a rainy day?

On a rainy day you can visit one of the many museums of the city, for example le musée du Quai Branly (primitive arts), le musée Carnavalet (history of Paris), or le musée de la Vie romantique (romantic period). You can also shop in the Galeries Lafayette! Or if you’re more adventurous, you can visit les Catacombes (underground ossuaries).

Where is your go-to restaurant?

One of my favorite restaurants is Jeanne A (42 rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud), a small place with convivial big wood tables and a very refined cuisine. You can savour one of their specialites, the chicken “pattes noires” of Challans. And the restaurant has also a delicatessen shop!

Where do you suggest going for a drink in the evening?

For a drink, you can go to Le Pavillon des canaux (39 quai de la Loire) where you can drink local beers or some great cocktails. But the real asset of this place, is the unique location, a cute and colorful house which is a restaurant, a coffee shop, and a bar. You can sit in a bedroom or in the kitchen, wherever you want!

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Is there one thing not many people know about Paris?

There was a human zoo in Paris back in 1907, in le bois de Vincennes. It was an exhibition to promote colonialism in Madagascar, Indochina, Sudan, Congo, Tunisia and Morocco. Villages and pavillions were built, people lived in there and were observed by visitors! Some of these pavillions can still be seen.

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To read more, please see www.alouestriendenouveau.fr

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