We’ve all been a little grossed out by the bush tucker challenge on I’m a celeb but by comparison, some of those edible ‘treats’ are pretty tame compared to these delicacies I’m about to tell you about! I’m not a stranger to eating weird things for example a fried cricket in Cambodia as a dare when I’d had a few cocktails! I’m not one to turn down a dare but I can honestly say it was one of the most disgusting things I have ever tasted. Well its up there with mushy peas for sure!

  1. Steak Tartare – France. Rare minced beef with an uncooked egg cracked on top. Add as few herbs and you have a french delicacy! mmmm nice?!tartare-steak-1273085__340
  2. Shirako – Japan. They seem to eat a lot of odd foods in Japan and this is no exception! Shirk are the sperm sacs of fish and they look a bit like mini brains and apparently taste sweet! However, probably not my dessert of choice!
  3. Crispy tarantula legs – Cambodia. Initially eaten during the Khmer Rouge regime when people were starving but later became popular. A fellow traveller described it to me as incredibly fatty and a little hairy! pexels-photo-236650
  4. Italy is somewhere most people think of as having one of the best cuisines in the world and yet this might just turn your stomach a little! Casu Marzu is pecorino cheese with maggots inside! The maggots burrow and digest the fats changing the flavour. It can then be eaten with or without the maggots!
  5. Hakarl – Iceland. A greenland shark is gutted and burried in sand and stones for 2 months. This helps to drain the poisonous fluids within it making it safe to eat. It is then strung up to dry out for several months and is said to smell like ammonia and taste extremely fishy!
  6. Tuna eyeballs – yet another Japanese delicacy! Apparently it tastes like squid or octopus however I think it would turn all but the strongest of stomachs seeing it stare at you from the plate! fish-2389131_960_720.jpg
  7. Marmite/Vegemite – yes you probably have some in your cupboard but did you know how it’s made? It is the by-product of brewing beer , the slurry of the barrel mixed with salt to create a sticky brown salty paste which can be spread on toast. Love it or hate it, you have to admit it’s a bit disgusting how its made! vegemite-232957_960_720.jpg
  8. Balut – Phillipines. A duck embryo is boiled alive within its shell and then eaten in its entirity. A horrible thought and possibly not the most appetising snack!
  9. Wasp Crackers – Japan. Like chocolate chip cookies only with wasps instead of chocolate cips! food-man-person-eating.jpg
  10. Fugu – Extremely poisonous this pufferfish can kill quickly with tetrodoxin being the active ingredient which is 13 times stronger than arsenic! The poison is removed when it’s cooked but it still numbs your lips! Its incredibly expensive and one portion will set you back about £70! pufferfish-74950_960_720
  11. Live octopus tentacles – Japan. A tentacle is chopped off a live octopus and immediately served up on a plate still writhing!
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I think Japan definitely wins the award for the weirdest foods! But there are plenty more out there! Have you tried any? Please comment below – I’d love to hear about your experiences!




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