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Saray Restaurant, Cardiff, A Review

One of the things I love about living near City road in Cardiff is the huge diverse collection of restaurants reflecting many exotic cuisines to tantalise my taste buds! The Roath area of Cardiff is up and coming and it seems a new exciting restaurant is opening its doors all the time! Saray a turkish restaurant, however, has somehow slipped under my radar for 3 years!  But after feasting at Saray restaurant today, I will definitely be going back for more! Don’t let it slip under your radar – it’s possibly the best Turkish food in Cardiff!


Saray Restaurant, Turkish Food Workshop

I was invited to a Turkish food cooking workshop at Saray restaurant, Cardiff, by Kelly of and I jumped at the chance! I love cooking but rarely find enough time in the day to try new recipes so this was ideal! I had also never tried cooking Turkish food before so this was a totally new experience for me. Add to that, living not too far away, I am always on the lookout for the best restaurants on City Road to visit!

Our cookery session started by getting to know each other better – I love a good chitchat with other bloggers. It was good getting to know the ladies behind, and as well as Selma, joint owner of Saray with her husband.


Behind the Scenes at Saray restaurant, Cardiff

After a natter with the gals, we headed into the kitchen for a behind-the-scenes tour and discovered what goes into creating all those tasty Turkish food treats. From making the dough for the bread from scratch the moulding the kebabs and meat skewers. We got chance to really see how much effort goes into making all those fabulous meals. I can attest to the fact, moulding those skewers is not as easy as it looks – mine kinda looked more like a blob on a stick! Maybe I’ll leave those to the professionals…

Delicious Turkish Food in Cardiff

We were then taught to make Pide’s – sort of like a Turkish version of a pizza. Since pizza is one of my favourite types of food, I was excited to try a new spin on the popular dish. They were a colourful feast on the eyes and so so delicious. We tried a vegetarian Pide with spinach, tomatoes, peppers and mushrooms, a cheese and Turkish meat pide (much like my favourite pepperoni pizza) and a really delicious version with vegetable and chicken.


A healthy kebab in Cardiff?!

Watching the kebabs be made was really interesting. I have to admit, I’ve not had many kebabs before. When I see takeaway places selling them, oozing with grease, I tend to give them a miss! But these were kebabs with a difference. There were cooked from scratch with the best cuts of meat, quality ingredients and tasty marinades, Sorry I can’t divulge the secret recipe..! But I can inform you there is a high possibility that they are the best kebab in Cardiff…


You know the best bit? You can get one of these kebabs for the same price as those greasy suspicious looking kebabs on Chippy Alley! I certainly know which one I would choose!

Slightly less healthy was the delicious sticky Baclavas – oozing with syrup! But hey, it’s not really a dessert if it’s not slightly calorific right…?!


A Delicious Turkish Lunch at Saray, Cardiff

After trying out hand at making Turkish food, we were treated to an absolute feast of a Turkish lunch! 3 different types of pides, hot and cold mezze dishes, freshly baked bread and chicken kebab and lamb kofta. Washed down with Turkish tea and coffee and followed with melt in the mouth super sweet baklava!

So will I be back?! Most definitely! (Especially now I also spotted moussaka on the menu!) If you want tasty freshly cooked Turkish food at reasonable prices with super friendly staff and just a stone’s throw from Cardiff city centre, then you’d be wise to pick Saray – possibly the best Turkish food in Cardiff. And without doubt, the best kebab in Cardiff!

Saray, I’ll be back…!


If you want to pay a visit to Saray Restaurant in Cardiff, you will find it on City Road in Roath. And if you get inspired by the Turkish food, then pay a visit to the shop next door which sells all the Turkish food ingredients you will need!