When is the best time to visit Iceland? Find out with this fun quiz!

Iceland is becoming increasingly popular with visitors and for good reason. I mean have you seen photos of how stunningly beautiful it is?!! But the question I hear most often is When is the best time to Visit Iceland? For a country that varies so much throughout the seasons, its understandable that people might feel confused and thats where i am here to help with my month by moth breakdown and fun travel quiz... Read More...
The best hostels in iceland - budget accommodation on the ring road

Hostels in Iceland – the Best Budget Ring Road Accommodation.

Iceland is such an incredible, beautiful landscape, you're going to want to see as much of it as you can. But Iceland is also known for being super expensive so you may choose to stay in hostels in Iceland to keep your costs down. The most difficult thing about booking budget accommodation in Iceland, is to decide where you want to stop on your ring road itinerary. You need to make sure your days are evenly spaced with not too much driving or too many activities for each day.... Read More...